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My beloved Edgerouter Lite is dead 🙁 It seems that it suffers from a known DDR issue with a
few of the first production models, it’s best diagnosed by connecting to the console port
115200 8N1 with a cisco console cable and rebooting the box.

If it hangs around the “DRAM: 512MB” line (see below) you’re out of luck 🙁

Looking for valid bootloader image....
Jumping to start of image at address 0xbfc80000

U-Boot 1.1.1 (UBNT Build ID: 4493936-g009d77b) (Build time: Sep 20 2012 - 15:48:51)

BIST check passed.
UBNT_E100 r1:2, r2:12, serial #: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Core clock: 500 MHz, DDR clock: 266 MHz (532 Mhz data rate)
DRAM:  512 MB

I’ve got a call into UBNT support to see what the RMA process will be (I’m in the UK and there seems to be some issue getting RMA’s through the distie), so we’ll have to see what happens.